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Maouli scarf cotton twill Malaika tied in hair
Maouli shawl wool and silk Neema girl and childrens in fields with sunset
Maouli shawl silk and cashmere Saghar around neck
Maouli shawl wool silk Neema men sitting on chair outdoor luxury
Maouli scarf cotton twill Luisa tied around waist
Maouli scarf cotton twill Elewisa girl sitting outdoor with hat
Maouli scarf cotton twill Inaya little boy with scarf tied around neck
Maouli shawl wool and silk Neema around blonde girl shoulder profile

Scarves, shawls & accessories

Discover the unique universe of Maouli, composed of shawls, scarves, and accessories depicting visually rich stories.

A tribute to the past, mindful of the future

Celebrating the work of artists and adventurers of the past, each Maouli has a story to tell. Our scarves ignite your imagination with visions of exotic landscapes, majestic animals, and distant horizons.

Driven by our love for nature and our dedication to future generations, we are commited to sustainable and responsible production practices.

An adventure to wear

We believe in timeless elegance and encourage slow fashion for its deliberate pace in a world where trends come and go. Our commitment to a more meaningful and enduring approach to fashion drives us to create accessories for wardrobes that will never go out of style.

We invite you to embark on adventures with your Maouli, creating memorable moments. That's why you can find our scarves gracing the halls of extraordinary boutique hotels around the world.

Nothing compares to the importance of shared moments !