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Echoes of history

Drawing inspiration from lithographs and engravings found within the pages of 19th-century scientific books and artistic works, each shawl has a story to tell. Bringing new life to the work of adventurers and artists of the past, our scarves serve as a legacy of exploration and creativity.

A guide to freedom

Have you ever heard of escape maps ? Those accessories that guided countless individuals in their pursuit of freedom during WWII. Inspiring the background of a Maouli, escape maps were printed on materials such as silk or rayon. The use of fabric rendered them silent when unfolded, crucial for avoiding detection in the silence of the night. Many owe their freedom to these secret navigational aids.

These artefacts serve as reminders of human ingenuity in their pursuit of freedom. Today, they are treasured as historical relics, reminding us of the role they played in their courageous journeys.