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Imagined and designed in the Kingdom of Belgium

It all began with the aspiration to create again! To design visually rich stories that invite one to live out adventures!

Here's the story of Maouli:

Aurélie was born into the world of fashion. Lifestyle design and textiles have been part of her DNA since her earliest childhood. Growing up in the countryside, traveling far and wide for the family business, she was surrounded by lots of brothers and sisters and the presence of animals. This harmony actually feeds her soul.

After over a decade working in the textile industry, she realised that her four little boys needed more attention. To preserve the precious flavour of their childhood years, she pivoted to find a balance between work and family life. Self-taught, she then delved into graphic design for several years.

Since then, her boys have grown up, some becoming men, while two more children have joined the clan. The desire to merge the graphic and textiles worlds appealed, leading her to create her own brand.

Encouraged by her loving family, inspired by nature, and driven by her passion for classy outfits, Maouli emerges from these inspirations.

At the heart of it all lies the dedication to quality, authenticity, and the enduring bond of family. With every product, you not only experience the essence of our brand but also become part of our story.